Huna by Karen Campbell
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My first experience with the healing power of nature, spirit and intention was with Nicki Scully in the mid 80's. I was in awe of the miraculous results. I still am.

Huna is the name the Hawaiians call this healing power. It is a combination of religion, nature and ancestors working for the healing of your body, mind and emotions.

The ancient awareness that we can effect one another for good or evil is universal. All ancient cultures had some form of healer (and an occasional curser as well). Modern Science will eventually catch up to ancestral understanding, in the mean time there are those of us around who work towards accessing and sharing universal healing modalities.

Huna uses the Manna (or spiritual power) of the practitioner and the Manna of natural objects (be it water, air, stones, etc.) with pule', or prayer. The power is carried on the breath and expressed with sound. The modern miracle of medicine is greatly enhanced and complimented by the power of planned prayer. Huna makes the intention of wellness clearly heard and understood by that helpful angel on your shoulder.